Most people think that ” it is hard to travel India” ” Indian people and foods must be dangerous”

That is the image of traveling India.

Maybe yes…there are someone to try cheating tourist but there are many many kind people also in India.

Indian basically LOVE their country INDIA. So they want tourist enjoy travelling, they wish you safe trip.

We do hope so,too

It is not easy to come here Bodhgaya, if you come here, we are happy to help your stay.

You can go to see UNESCO world heritage site, Mahabodhi  temple or another Buddhist temples. And you can visit a local village with us to see the real life here.

Local people living villages have an open mind, curious and they are simply kind.

People laugh a lot, kids give you big smile with shining pupils to you.

Our villages are far from wealth, however they have an  enriched  spirit.  Electric power has often cut*…sometimes you might feel uncomfortable however you will gain something more important experience.

We offer the unique activity with safe.

Looking forward to seeing you here in Sujata village in Bodhgaya.

*During the power cut, we use the solar power and private power generator.

Things to do / Yoga, Meditation, Sightseeing, Volunteer at our charity school etc.