We are located in Sujata village, a short distance from the town of Bodhgaya, India.

The guesthouse is located in the middle of a peaceful farm village after crossing the river where Buddha bathed.

Niranjana river

From the guesthouse, you can see the mountain where Shakyamuni Buddha did his penance.
Just gazing at the greenery, clean air, and wide open sky seems to purify the mind.

The view from the guest house. The small white building is also our cottage.

Although it is a holy place for Buddhism, most of the people living there are Hindus, so there are many Hindu festivals. This year, in November, we celebrated one of the three major Hindu festivals, Diwali, the festival of lights, and Chhat Puja, the festival of the sun, which originated in Bihar. This is a great opportunity to experience the culture of India.

Chhat Puja

We have been in business for 5 years, and now we are facing new challenges. Using our experience in running our school, Prema Metta School, we have started a human resource development project to send people from India to Japan as interns in nursing care(TITP). We will use the yoga hall to start a school for learning Japanese language and nursing skills. The school will be open only during the daytime on weekdays, so the mornings and evenings and weekends will still be available for yoga and meditation. I am also offering online yoga classes from the yoga hall to Japan.

School Information Sessions

Prema Metta School students do a yoga or dance lesson at the yoga hall, too

Prema Metta School Students

Profits from the guesthouse are donated to cover the operating costs of our adjacent school.

School reopened in August this year with over 25 new students and 67 students currently studying. The children look forward to the arrival of guests, and when someone arrives they ask, “Is there a guest? “Can I meet the guest? Whenever someone comes, they come to ask, “Is there a guest?
It seems that the day will come soon when our students will be able to interact with as many people as before.