Happy new year!

Thank you for everything 2020. We had many difficulties through 2020, our chirity school has been closed till now and guesthouse had opened last September however sitll we do not have guests due to lockdown. It is not only us people all over the world having the taugh time. But we are happy that we are healthy…

In India there are more than 10 million new cases of COVID 19 in last December, but the number of new cases per day is now less than the peak. Gradually Bodhgaya returning to normal situation and the World Heritage Mahabodhi Temple has been open for normal hours since mid-December. Domestic travel has also been made easier with the launch of new flights between Gaya and Mumbai airports from 25 December.

We hope that we will see the return of safe travel days and many new encounters and reunions.

Photo tour

I visited Mahabodhi temple last month. So I would like to show the photos for you. If you feel like traveling, it would be great!
Hope you will enjoy this photo tour.

The counter for deposit mobile and your shoes.
There is no entry fee.
Ticket for camera. It needs If you go inside with Camera or Video.
New security gate near the counter.
Only admissions work here without shoes.
The central gate of temple.
There is a few people.
Buddha statu inside the main temple.
Now you can stay as much as you like because of no congestion.
The remains of the Shivalingam in front of the Buddha statu. It remnants of the Mahabodhi temple, which was originally a Hindu temple.
The pathway leading to the Bodhi Tree.
Straight ahead and to the right is the Bodhi tree on which the Buddha sat when he attained his enlightenment.
The Bodhi tree from which the Buddha attained enlightenment. What we have today are cuttings grown from the first Bodhi tree.
Buddha enlighted unter the tree.
It is said that after Buddha’s enlightenment, lotus flowers bloomed when he walked here.

Every year at this time in winter, Buddhist monks from all over the world gather here and the temple is crowded with them and tourists, but at present it is quiet. Although Bodhgaya, with its only tourism industry, has been hit hard economically, I thought this was a valuable time to see the Mahabodhi temple in its true form as a ‘temple’ and not as a tourist attraction.

We pray for your health and happiness from here in Bodhgaya.