It’s already September 2020 and there are only a few months left. The guesthouse has been closed since March due to the effects of COVID-19 and it has already passed six months. However we are fine and staying here as usual.

We’ve had the spring and scorching hot summer,rainy season, and now the autumn is around the corner. Now, the landscape of the fields has changed from corn, gourd and okra to rice fields, and it is now the time to plant seeds of winter vegetables such as cauliflower.

The lockdown is not over yet, we are wondering when international flights will reopen. We have no idea when we can travel in India, but we are ready to welcome guests at any time.

Repaint of walls at the rooms and lobby.
Washed inside of water tank to keep offering clean water for the bathrooms.

We planted some branches of the moringa tree that were knocked down by the strong winds this spring, and a number of them have regenerated and are growing very well. I have dried newborn leaves to make tea.

Dried leaves still colored fresh green.

We are ready to welcome our guests at any time.
Normally, late September is the tourist season for Buddha Gaya. This year it will be a quiet autumn and winter.

Rice fields.

Prema Metta School

Our profits go to donate to Prema Metta School, it is right next door for operating expenses. Although the school is closed due to lockdown, we are still able to pay teachers’ salaries and food for the children living at school.

Your donations help to keep running of Prema Metta School. Your donation will be used for children’s bright future.

Thank you for your support.