Fortunately, Mahabodhi Temple will be opened from tomorrow 10th June 2020. We received the guide line how we enter and pray there to avoid from COVID-19 as follows.

Temple Opening Hours 
5:00 am. to 9:00 am. and 4:00 pm. to 8:00 pm.

Cleaning Hours
5:00 am. to 05:30 am.

Devotees Temple visiting hours
6:00 am. to 9:00 am. and 4:00 pm. to 6:00 pm.

Everyday Chanting
5:30 am. to 6:00 am. and 6:00 pm. to 7:00 pm.

l. Devotees/Pilgrims should maintain social distance of 6 ft. while entering the Temple and follow the marked portions.

2. Devotees/Pilgrims should use the face mask.

3. The Hand Sanitizer kept at the Entrance should be made use of by the Devotees/Pilgrims.

4. Devotees/Pilgrims should strictly avoid touching Images / Stupas and Railings within the Mahabodhi Temple premises.

5. Only 10 persons at a time shall enter the Main Sanctum of the Temple and should avoid any body contacts.

6. While sneezing / coughing the use of Handkerchief, Tissue Paper or arms should be made use of.

7. Should avoid spitting here and there within the Temple premises.

8. If possible the shoes, slipper, sandles etc could be left in the respective cars or buses and enter the Temple or make use of the shoe rack by keeping them in different slots.

9. If in any case during Thermal Scanning a Devotee / Pilgrim is found running high temperature, will not be allowed to enter the Temple premises.

10. Devotees should avoid making groups inside Temple premises and offer prayers individually. At Bodhi Tree area meditation stay individually maximum 10 minutes only.

11. Turning of the Dhammachakra Wheels is banned.

12. Devotees / Pilgrims of the age of 65 and children of 10 years of age and below should avoid visiting the Temple premises.

13. Offerings of flowers and Prasad inside Sanctum Sanctorum of Temple are not allowed. Few loose flowers and sealed water bottles only can be offered on the tables placed at Bodhi tree area only.

14. Entering with Mobile Phones and Plastic Bags is completely banned.

15. After using the wash rooms within the Temple premises, special care should be taken of hands and feet by washing and using soap /sanitizer.

16. It is requested that no any bags or commodities except of the Monk Cloth Bags and Ladies hand bag is allowed within the Temple premises.