We appeared in Japanese famous TV program!

The shooting took for 3 days in March 2018, and Japanese actress Rina Uchiyama visited our place. That program was on aired last nigh in Japan. You can watch the program by Youtube but it is no English subtitle unfortunately.

They shot our room very beautiful.

A room on the 2nd floor

the appearance

Both room

We hoped the yoga hall was introduced but it was not however they introduced our purpose why we run the guesthouse.

It will be good chance for us to include the users, then it will be very helpful to make the budget of our school Prema Metta.

Our school was also appeared,too

They explained that we tried to ask the donations over the world to run the school.

Explained offer the education materials, uniform and lunch for free.

And there are 65 students aged form 5 to 13.

We are very happy to watch these screens.

We do hope appearing the TV bring us something good in the future…

We can arrange and book any of the following itinerary for you.
By Air:
GAYA airport (GAY), is our nearest airport, 30mins drive from our guesthouse.

Delhi to Gaya is 1:30hr flight

PATNA airport (PAT), 1:35hr to fly from Delhi. 4hr drive to our guesthouse.

By Train:
From Delhi to Gaya: Approximately 11:23 hrs. Kolkata Rajdhani Exp per day.
From Kolkata to Gaya: Approximately 6:30 hrs. Seldah Rajdhan per day.
From Varanashi to Gaya: Approximately 3:45hr Poorva Expres per day.
From Gaya station, 40mins drive to our guesthouse.

By Road:
From Varanasi 6hrs, from

From Gaya airport or Gaya station to the guesthouse:Daytime 900Rs / Early morning and night 1200Rs
From Patna to our guesthouse : Starts 3000Rs.

Please feel free to contact us.